Friday, July 31, 2009

See you on EED

I’m planning to be on EED next Monday isA.. Probably, I’d be there all day.. checking the projects, attending a couple of sessions, attending the closing ceremony (Hoping for some “BOOOM, BOOOM, BOOM, HELWAN!!” :D) & hopefully meeting up with some of FCIH old & new folks..
BTW, EED is starting tomorrow, I’m just too lazy to go tomorrow :D.. Also for the working gals.. Egypt WIE, are doing there first forum about “Work-life Balance” on the EED this year too.. I’m wondering why it’s still called Egyptian Engineering Day :D..
So meet you there folks..

Quote of the Moment

"If I had more time I'd write a shorter letter." — Mark Twain

Monday, July 06, 2009

Tribute to Marwa

This post has been updated alot since I first wrote it.. so please excuse my lack of organization :)

First, let me announce that a site is in the making (I'm not involved in anyway, (hopefully) "yet") in the memory of Marwa.. The site is

NOTE: Remember you can always use Google Language tools to translate the pages 

Egypt funeral for stabbing victim:
Egypt mourns 'headscarf martyr':
The headscarf martyr: murder in German court sparks Egyptian fury:
Burial of the Egptian woman racially killed in Germany (Arabic):
Egyptians angry over German court slaying (6 Days late, check their summary to the incidence in the “Story Highlights” section!!): Islamophobia victim was pregnant, body arrives from Germany:
The German Embassy is Following up on Marwa El-Sherbini Killing; Her Family to Take Body Back to Egypt Today:
Marwa killed due to propaganda against Muslims (Arabic):
Egyptian woman killed in German court for being veiled (One of the best I’ve read, IMHO):
Marwa’s Husband emerged from the coma to the news of her death .. He was in tears that he wasn’t able to save her:

Her only crime was the veil, Anderson Cooper 360° (Again was too late several days – 10-11 – & strangely the incidence data is not exactly right) :
A murder that Germany ignored:
Marwa. Mainstream Media Fail? AGAIN? (this guy said it all):
What If She Were A Lesbian:
The west should be more reasonable (Arabic):

Is this is the German democracy? In its (Germany) courtrooms, Muslims are being attacked:
I hate everything about You!:
Not Fair!!!!:
Marwa El-Sherbany came back again to Egypt !!!:
All the links from Bikya Masr; allegedly the first blog to report the incidence: 
Marwa Al-Sherbini: Killed For Wearing A Headscarf But At What Point Do We Say “Enough”?:


Vids: (English) (Arabic) (Arabic) (Arabic) (Arabic) (Arabic) (Arabic) 

Check twitter (trends) for more:

Please join the Petition:
& keep spreading the word about Marwa.. On twitter please use #Marwa coz it’s the shortest & most commonly used hash tag used there about Marwa..
IMHO, most of the main stream media (most of the news section above) not only reported the incidence too late (even Arabic speaking news agencies), but also reported mainly (or focused on) the Egyptian reaction as if it’s irrational without much mentioning of the racist act that caused that reaction!


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