Saturday, July 21, 2007

for FCI Graduates!!


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Friday, July 20, 2007

I'm happy to C this


I saw a pic on deviant art that I saw on yahoo 36o as a whose the thief around here...& I've asked the guy about it & he said:
I did not sell it to anybody.... That's a page of a user, he/she would have used it flipped... you can't stop it... I ain't bothered or worried as long as i have the original .PSD file :)
& my comment was hidden by him... :S I just don't know who is the theif & on the same time & don't how to report it!! not to mention that I didn't tell Yahoo!360 Team & don't know how to!! here's the link to the pic on deviant art: & here's the link to my Yahoo!360 scroll the page bottom to see the pic The only different as u can c is that it's flipped....really the theif (either the guy ot the one who stole it from an idiot)

Sunday, July 01, 2007

IEEE Job Fair & Student Branch Opening @ FCIH

Student Branch team is honored to invite you, interested FCIH students, and all interested IT firms to join us in our first Job Fair at FCIH, held by FCIH IEEE Student Branch.

The day will witness the Student Branch Opening accompanied by the Job Fair where this year graduates will showcase the most recent graduation projects to be watched and evaluated.

When: Wednesday 11/ 7 / 2007 from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Where: Helwan University Conference Center

For FCIH 2007 graduates:

As you are probably familiar with previous Job Fairs, our fair will allow you to showcase your graduation projects (GP) to Software houses, & IT companies, etc representatives. Not to mention, that you may submit your CVs to some of these companies, too.

You can download the registration here, take a look at it and get back with us (at the contacts mentioned below) if you would like assistance with registering or if you have any questions.

Register and show case your project, learn to present your work through real experience, gain job-related skills, enhance your resume and may be you can go back home employed!

For interested FCIH students:

Interested!!?? Come & join us and check your colleagues show case their projects, witness the Student Branch official launch, gain job-related skills, meet with representatives of a bunch of companies in the field and maybe you can go back home with an internship offer!

For interested firms:

Please check the contacts below for any inquiries about attending or sponsorship.

For any further inquiries:

Contact Student Branch team on or Eng. Esraa Ali on +20104260527 or you may check for more information


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