Saturday, May 28, 2011

#Vodafone #Buzz #Fail

I was online through my favorite IM client; Google Talk, when a work-colleague started talking to me, asking me:

دا ايميل مين انا تعبت رابع ايميل يفتح غلط

I am using Vodafone Buzz from my mobile. Get it now for free from

After talking for a while, I realized he was a total stranger; not my colleague. He's another user of Vodafone Buzz, like my colleague. The issue was that every time he signs in to Google Talk (using Vodafone Buzz), he signs in with my colleague's account. As far as I remember, Buzz associates your Vodafone number with the passwords you supply for your social networking sites (likes Facebook, Gmail , etc) so you don't have to type them every time you fire up the app.

If that was not scary enough, I'd just direct your attention to the fact: that stranger is not intending harm, (he's not a hacker for eg, or even evil enough to abuse the situation, he probably lack technical expertise too) so I'm expecting a disaster if he intended!! That if he was the only case of compromised password!!

Conclusion: If you're using Vodafone Buzz, just don't! And more importantly: UPDATE EVERY PASSWORD YOU'VE EVER SHARED WITH VODAFONE!

Side note: Thank GOD I don't save my credit card number on their website!!


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