Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Things that piss me off when someone sends me email!!

  • When someone forward a message that was sent before to like 100 mail address, & forgot to delete the (irrelevant) email addresses, & they just went there as a part of the message (& growing)!!
  • When someone send me a message, along with a 100 other addresses (including mine) in the CC or To field not the BCC, while the recipients don't know one another & even won't need to know one another (for eg chain email messages). Off course if this "someone" in this point did put them in the BCC, we will find less "someones" do the previous point by mistake!!
  • When different people in my social network forward to me the same email (which was 1st sent by some in their extended social networks to all of them) & someone (from the chain(s) between the 1st sender & me) gets the idea that it's brilliant to change the message title!! Leaving me, not only suffering of receiving the same message again & again & again!! Naaah!! (s)he give me the extra pain of spreading them across multiple threads in my inbox :@:@ (If you're not using gMail u won't feel the difference, you’re already suffering too much to feel it :D!!)
  • When someone CC me in a conversation that I don't give a "….." about.
  • When someone reply to conversation happening among a number of people (me included) & then replies on behalf of me (usually the reply is a commitment from them that I -Shady- will do something. As if they are my agent/lawyer :D).
  • When someone (specially admins) hijack mailing-lists by sending/allowing mail that is totally irrelevant to the mailing-list main topic.
  • When someone tries to use religion (actually this isn't just about email, I see that all the time) to make sure you forward their SPAM to your whole mailing list. Usually I delete similar email just for the sake of it. (3end)
  • When someone send too old news that circulated the internet for like a 100 times. Specially if they were well known hoax!!
This post was in my drafts for like 6 month, & since I started it I had the Ericsson laptop hoax email –which I have been receiving dozens of times since high school already - for like 2 to 3 time at least over just the past 6 month!!)

Community Calender

FCIH bloggers started a public calendar under the name: Community Events Calendar. It will be focused mainly on the Egyptian IT Community. A glimpse of the calendar is here below:

Also you can subscribe to calendar in many other ways, for eg the HTML version here:

Or in iCal format that can be feed to Outlook or Apple iCal, etc :

Also, as XML feed:

The calendar will include offline IT community Events held around Egypt. Also, online events both from Egypt (hopefully there will be, someday :)) & around the world.

Please, feel free to contact us (FCIH bloggers) or comment on this post, notifying us of events that need to be added to the calendar. Also, any ideas to improve it are much appreciated :)

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