Sunday, November 29, 2009

Quote of the Moment

"The more connections I make, the further I can reach across the world finding inspiration in every person that I meet" --Matt Pyke

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Quote of the Moment

"Facebook seems to be more about building glass houses than it is about inviting friends over for dinner." --@sethsimonds, "Why I Cancelled My Facebook Account"

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Open letter from Egyptians and Algerians on football row

Copied from Bikya Masr
Sign the petition:

Egypt Algeria MatchFrom Egyptian and Algerian intellectuals, bloggers and activists:
Common Decision.. Won’t separate..
In the name of Allah the most merciful,
In terms of history, religion, Arabism, humanity and the principles of ethics:
We, the undersigned, agree to this statement on the spirit and content at the current time in which we are in greatest need for the voice of reason and conscience and to rise above the pettiness and nonsense things. If not in the name of Arabism and Islam and the cross ties of geography and history, at least on behalf of common interests and mutual understanding that we are trying to make off with the other west, let alone “the other Arab!”
At a time when the elite has failed to take the leadership of public opinion, and some of them fell in the exam, and it appeared that all songs of Arabism and unity that they presented was from the womb of hypocrisy except a few .. Then the scene was left to the non-professionals and bad opinion makers to mislead people and engage them in unnecessary issues. It is therefore better for us to take the lead. And sign this statement of principle for all of us to drive up the skirmish immoral

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Quote of the Moment

This time I'm writing a couple of tweets I found interesting during & after Egypt-Algeria (2-0) match:
  • A New Chronicle The Game Night --Zeinobia
  • Algerian bravery can be seen through the algerian guy playing with a medical band on his head. Respect... --Reemba (جزائرية)
  • راكب المترو وقاعد لوحدي في العربية كلها... قشطة --Ahmed_ali
  • Montenegro-Israel 1:0 - wonderful! --Ruslantrad
  • اذا وداعا كأس العالم --Salem309 (شكله كان فقد الامل خلاص)
  • The bombs which set fire to Egypt fans should be lit at the house of Mubarak --Ruslantrad
  • I don't think any of you guys had ever tweeted so much in 90 minutes. --MissKhasawneh
  • الاحتفالات وصلت الرياض بيب بيب بيب هيا الجالية بتحتفل فين عشان نروح :D --HaNaDy
  • جمال الثورة والسادات أكتوبر وأبويا أول طلعة جوية وانا حضرت ماتش الجزائر --PresidentGamal
  • a strange thought. I haven't seen anyone from the muslim brotherhood in those celebration protests with real eg lovers. wondering why? -- remon_z (بيصطاد في المية العكرة)


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