Saturday, November 17, 2007

Android - An Open Handset Alliance Project

The Open Handset Alliance (, a group of more than 30 technology and mobile companies, is developing Android: the first complete, open, and free mobile platform. So there's no G-phone :(..So what's new about that..Let me tell you..Cool apps that surprise and delight mobile users, built by developers like you & me, will be a huge part of the Android vision. To support us in our efforts, Google has launched the Android Developer Challenge, which will provide $10 million in awards for great mobile apps built on the Android platform. For more about Android & to download The SDK check Android Developers blog, YouTube channel/User, where u can find many useful videos about Androids & the services already available by the OS & the SDK, & finally Android community,

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Noha Mahmoud said...

Hi shady
It's a quite interesting project to work on, besides Google announced the developer contest for 10 million $ prizes.


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