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Open letter from Egyptians and Algerians on football row

Copied from Bikya Masr
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Egypt Algeria MatchFrom Egyptian and Algerian intellectuals, bloggers and activists:
Common Decision.. Won’t separate..
In the name of Allah the most merciful,
In terms of history, religion, Arabism, humanity and the principles of ethics:
We, the undersigned, agree to this statement on the spirit and content at the current time in which we are in greatest need for the voice of reason and conscience and to rise above the pettiness and nonsense things. If not in the name of Arabism and Islam and the cross ties of geography and history, at least on behalf of common interests and mutual understanding that we are trying to make off with the other west, let alone “the other Arab!”
At a time when the elite has failed to take the leadership of public opinion, and some of them fell in the exam, and it appeared that all songs of Arabism and unity that they presented was from the womb of hypocrisy except a few .. Then the scene was left to the non-professionals and bad opinion makers to mislead people and engage them in unnecessary issues. It is therefore better for us to take the lead. And sign this statement of principle for all of us to drive up the skirmish immoral
First: We as Egyptians and Algerians offer a mutual recognition that some parties – or less abounded – from people of both countries had encroached on their fellow brothers. This was repeated against the Egyptian residents in Algeria recently, against the Algerian national team and their fans in Egypt and finally, against the masses of Egypt in Sudan. This comes in the context of recognition that the circulation of the rosary and self-description with flower and depicting the others with defects complicate matters and does not solve anything.
Second: We strongly believe and with a firm conviction that all these violations were committed by nothing but some fanatical groups that do not represent the public and never the two nations. We distance ourselves from that, and for that we can neither judge the reality and the size of it because of the lack of any formal judicial investigation in any of the three countries, nor the chaotic media hype. We dissociate ourselves from the exchange of accusations between the action and reaction, and are free to God from what they’ve done.
Third: We do not care about size of the abuses as much as we care about the fact of it been a reality that took place, any override no matter how small to any of the two nations is nothing but a betrayal of God and the homelands and also for the ethics of sport and its mission, so we Egyptians apologize to country of the million & a half million martyrs and apologize as Algerians to our elder sister Egypt.
Fourth: We do not want to waste the personal rights for those touched by physical or financial harm by hiding behind a mutual apology, but at the same time do not want to turn that as a reason of prejudice relations between the two nations. We believe that each person that sustained a personal injury has the right to recourse to the courts in the country in which the attacks took place, so that justice is done. We trust the integrity and independence of the judiciary in Egypt, Algeria and Sudan. With an emphasis on the individualism of the events and the emphasis on juvenile behavior of due process, and to recall the statements of officials in both countries of denying the occurrence of any deaths on both sides.
Fifth: As the political systems haven’t been on the desired level of dealing with the event, contrary to what should be on them, we do not rely on the existing regimes in calling for calm. And because starting a formal investigation of abuses in both countries is the responsibility of officials in the first place, then we do not expect or have to wait for that to happen to excuse each other. We are losing, if we have to depend on them, our rights and brotherhood just as these regimes have forfeited our dignity and progress for decades. Therefore, we say again: We must not wait for official investigations – although we call for them – but do not wait for it to start genuine reconciliation initiatives on both sides.
Sixth: We condemn, with all that the word holds, the irresponsible private media in both countries, especially the Egyptian private satellite channels, the Algerian press who sacrificed principles of the profession and honor of the word, for materialistic gains and profiteering at the expense of the truth and at the expense of relations between the two countries. We know and are certain how the size of exaggerations and falsehoods that were given in the media is known to everybody, and we therefore call not to believe what comes out of their exaggerations about this issue again. And we want them to back to reason, wisdom and principles of the profession.
Seventh: In accordance with their Arabic and Islamic spheres, Egypt & Algeria, were and will remain two big countries who shared together, since their liberation, efforts in building and production. That’s why the economic and productive partnership between them should be continued and developed, to rebuild what was ruined and to preserve the supreme national interests of both countries. All Algerian and Egyptian business men are invited to participate immediately in these aspects.
Eighth: This initiative is a Civil Initiate started by the ordinary people the first place and does not wait for any official support from any authority and we don’t rely even on intellectuals or the elite in both countries where sectors among them have entered the line of mutual agitation and have been driven by what is broadcasted of lies and exaggerations.
And pledge to each agreed with the statement, with all his strength, to stop being a part of the devil series, to repress his fury, and to reinforce his brothers in both countries in order to return to reason and amicability whatever slander or accusations of being unpatriotic harmed him. As not everyone who sows flowers would be faced by smiles. Victory but the patience of an hour.
Lastly but not finally, we call all sane Egyptian, Algerian and the rest of our Arab brothers who want to help us achieve the right we want to transcend what he felt of wounds or offense as a result of what some foolish people among both countries’ audience have done and to sign this statement which is only the first step and shall be followed by other steps, God willing, that we’ll announce respectively. Towards the advancement for both countries and both lovely people. (under construction) where yous can sign the petition

The initiative’s coordinators in Egypt
Mustafa Alnaggar: Dentist & a blogger – 0020116450674
Amr Magdi: GP doctor and Blogger – 0020125253522
The initiative’s coordinators in Algeria
Rimel Aoun: Director of a company for Exhibitions
Leila Bouressace: – A board member of the Arab European center for human Rights.

List of people who signed the document before being published:
From Egypt Ibrahim Youssri – Former Ambassador of Egypt in Algeria
Dr. Abdullah Alasha’l – Former Assistant of the minister of domestic affairs
Dr Noha Alzeny – chancellor
Dr. Heba Raouf Ezzat – lecturer at Faculty of politics – Cairo Uni.
Dr. Galal Amen – Professor of Economics at AUC Dr. Ahmed Khaled Tawfik – Prof. at faculty of medicine – Tanta Uni and writer
Dr. Essmat Nemr – Chief of General Surgery Depart. – Zagazig Uni.
Amr Magdi – G.P doctor and Blogger Mustafa Alnagar – Dentist and blogger
Yasmeen Mohamed Abdallah – Uni. student Amr Ezzat – journalist at Alshorouk Egyptian papar and blogger
Amr Abdulhamid – TV Journalist
Shaimaa Alanadoly – Assist. Teacher at Helwan Uni.
Morsi Soltan – Writer
Hassan Madni – Egyptian Sudanese living in Bahrin
Fathy Abdelsattar – journalist
Basem Fathy – adjective
Abdulrahman ben Khaldoun – political researcher
Dalia Ziada – blogger and HR activist
Mohamed Haykal – engineer and blogger
Doha Samer – political researcher and adjective
Noha Shams Eden – researcher and a civil society activist
Roaa Ebrahem – political and sociologist researcher
Yasmeen Alnazer – translator and journalist
Ahmed Abdulhamed – journalist
Asmaa Mahfouz – political activist
Ahmed Badwey – engineer and a civil society activist
Ahmed Shallby – director
Abdulrahman Mansour – journalist and activist
Mahmoud Saaed – software developer
Ebrahem Alhadaby – writer and islamic researcher
Azza Taher matar – translator and blogger
Ebrahem Zahran – oil expert
Sara Ahmed Foaad – translator
Samar Tarek – researcher and human rights activist
Madeha Qarqar – engineer
Ahmed shatta – doctor and activist
Ammar Yasen Mohamed – student and activist
Ahmed Mahna – blogger and activist
Dr Esmat Nemr – presidant of departments of gerenral surgery
Hossam Tammam – Journalist and researcher
Dr. Ahmed Abdullah – teacher of Psychiatry – Zagazig Uni. and civil activist
Sanaa Saif – Assis. Teacher at Faculty of politics – Cairo Uni. and researcher
Eman Abdularahman – Engineer
Hanaa Saber – Assis. teacher at faculty of fine Arts – Alex Uni.
Shahenaz Abdesalam – HR activist and blogger
Abdulmonem Mahmoud – editorial Secretary of Aldostor Egyptian Paper
Mandy Morad – Journalist and Translator
From Algeria
Mostafa Nwesar – professor
Qeta Qwadry Mostfawey – professor at Oxford univertisty
Abdulhafez Maqran – professor
Hzrshy ben Glol – professor
Rimel Aoun – Director of a Company for Exhibitions
Leila Borsas – humen rights activist
Baloun Mohamed – journalist
Torabolsi Galal – teacher
Hasnaa Latrash – biological
Menna Berwazi – Journalist
Sarah ben Dieb – Uni. Student
Ameen Zaeany – writer and journalist
Khalaf Sara – student and blogger
Khalaf Faeza – student
Mayo Samy – student
Abdullatif ben Jamea – Monebela Uni
Zahira Hocine – Translator
Rabeh Djedou – Uni. Graduate
Djazia Hakem – Uni. Student
Nasri Kamel – Uni Student
Other Arab countries
Janate Safini – Syria – biotechnologist engineer
Yesser Chaabani – Tunisia – Student in Italy
Mouldi Yazidi – Tunisia – language Teacher
Mostafa Albakaly – Morocco – blogger and adjective
Ebrahem Safa – engineer and blogger

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