Saturday, February 24, 2007


If you really need all the visual stuff of Ms Vista... Watch what SUSE 10 is capable of... And guess's the same secure linux you know...though the new Vista which is supposed to be more secure than Xp (everything is more secure than Xp, anyway :D ) ... & you can run windows if you really still need it (on board of secure Linux, 3ashan windows mayel3absh be delo :D ) Enjoy it... For reading more & downloading, check these:


Mohammad Nabil said...

It is not limited to openSUSE, it can run on any Linux that the Beryl-project can be installed on. I am using it on Ubuntu.

m.hewedy said...

How you compare LINUX with M$ Windows !
LINUX is an OS but windows is not, it is just a virus on you harddisk from M$, looool.

I am currently uses ubuntu and what to switch to openSUSE not because the 3D Beryly Desktop as my VGA card is 8MB and as m nabil said but just for change, if you have an experience with openSUSE please advice me :D


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