Friday, July 20, 2007


I saw a pic on deviant art that I saw on yahoo 36o as a whose the thief around here...& I've asked the guy about it & he said:
I did not sell it to anybody.... That's a page of a user, he/she would have used it flipped... you can't stop it... I ain't bothered or worried as long as i have the original .PSD file :)
& my comment was hidden by him... :S I just don't know who is the theif & on the same time & don't how to report it!! not to mention that I didn't tell Yahoo!360 Team & don't know how to!! here's the link to the pic on deviant art: & here's the link to my Yahoo!360 scroll the page bottom to see the pic The only different as u can c is that it's flipped....really the theif (either the guy ot the one who stole it from an idiot)

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