Thursday, September 13, 2007

3odna - We're back!!

It has been some time since my last post, not to mention that I used to post lyrics which aren't really post anyway, unless u though of them as an indirect way to show my feelings.. Anyway, I've decided I'm going (Intend to isA, & hope I won't be too lazy) to stop being too lazy & start to write more, but may be smaller posts, also I've started a new private blog (just for me) to write notes & too personal issues, untill they are ready to be rearranged to be posted here....coz a lot of posts have been lost coz they were too long or too personal or I was too busy to set them to be published... Not to mention that I like to read my writing specially notes about my life coz they show me how I was when I was younger (& supposedly less mature)...for eg the next post "Raya wet6amen" was ready in my mind for more than a week...actually I've started to think about the whole post (even the title, I've written it already but won't post it until I post this one) & this post itself when I was my way back to October after the incidence...but I'm tooooooo lazy as I told hope I'm not too long..I'm actually writing this just for the record... May be the reason was not only being busy, lazy & all of could be also being too consumed by the fascinating facebook...which really made me communicate more with my friends (which is one reason of why I started this blog) but after all it didn't give me the chance to express myself, my feelings in words..which are more expressing (for me) than just pix & videos (actually none of them can be sufficient)..


Mohammad Nabil Al-Aggan said...

I too made a private blog for that reasons from several months :D

sh@dy said...

Nice idea, actually I'm maintaining an autobiography & I like reading it a lot as I told u in the post...but I guess this way (blogging privately) is more secure (somebody took a sneaky look @ my diary, once) & more maintainable, accessible than using local files..

Anonymous said...

Yeah Shady go on ...we're all encouraging you

It'd be a nice for a change ...then your blog will have lyrics that reflect what u wanna say and also what u wanna say without directly without reflections :D

Your blog is really nice and enjoyable ;)

Anonymous said...

sorry the first "without" was written by mistake (lool) :D


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