Friday, October 19, 2007

Linux & Open Source Replacments Session by IEEE SB

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Mohamed Meshref said...

As I said on the other blog:

usually see that people in Egypt are missing completely the idea behind open source.

Open source if totally different that free software, and open source program could be for money, and a free program could be a closed source, it's not related!!

If what people like about open source is because it's free, then it will be the dumbest thing I knew about ever, I've a full post about this issue here:

sh@dy said...

Thanks for your comment, I just wanna note that you'd probably didn't read the rest of the announcement..

& I totally agree that if what people like about open source is because it's free, then it will be the dumbest thing they do ever..But this is not the case here..just reread the announcement..

Not to mention that financial aspects might be a reason (not the reason) to choose's not a wrong aspect to consider if not considered alone..

Mohamed Meshref said...

I saw this line in the ad:

"OSS will cost you nothing ...."

I don't believe in the word "FREE" (which means no money), I'll believe in it in one case, when I go to the doctor and pay nothing, and when I go to an engineer to build me a tower and pay nothing, and when I hire a dancer and pay nothing and when I get internet and cable TV for nothing, then and only then I'll believe in free software, but when someone who takes money from me for a service he's making and he wants me to give him my services for free, then if I accept this, it doesn't mean anything except I am a big fool.

Let's take Egypt as example, what are the categories of computer users in EG?

1- Business
2- Home users who can afford anything.
3- Home users who can't afford anything.
4- Students.

Let's see how they can do it:

1- They need to pay every penny, because it doesn't make sense to get stuff for free and make money from it!
2- They can do it, so it's ok.
3- For those, a very good payment options are available for them from almost every single company in the planet, examples?

Windows: MS provides very special pricing for OEM for 3rd counties like Egypt, which will be a very small subset from the computer price, and sometimes it's free over the computer.

Office: same as above for products needed by normal home users (Word, Powerpoint, etc).

Let's go to some other programs outside MS, i.e. Photoshop

When you use a program like Photoshop, then you either doing some professional work (in this case you need to pay), or some local image processing and there exist programs for doing this for as cheap as few dollars.

4- Students:
Virtuall speaking, every single company on the planet earth provides them with a very low/free software to do their work on, i.e. MS package of Windows + Office + Visual Studio + I don't remember what else = 20 LE.

And also they give free software for students on virtually every product, i.e. VS express, SQL Server Express, Office for students, etc.

So as I said before, I must pay for what I am getting, it doesn't make sense to just get everything for free, just open any Egyptian's pc and you'll find 100 of program which he's not using and just installing, why?!

And let me ask you the question, you work for money, right?
If yes, then you yourself don't believe in free software, if no, then help me to understand how do you live and pay for your expenses?

sh@dy said...

Thanks for ur interest in the topic..

1st of all yes, I'm a developer & I get money for my job..But that doesn't contradict with the fact that I may contribute (with my time) in any given OSS project which others can contribute to, & even use as an end user without paying..

I'm aware that freedom, usually mentioned along with OSS, is meant for freedom of use (freedom like "a free speech" not "a free meal") but no one can deny for a regular user with a little to medium technical background, one can live without literally paying anything..

I can live with alternatives like (GNU/Linux, Open office, Firefox, Thunderbird, mySql, eclipse, & even mono..etc) instead of stuff like Windows, MS Office, IE, Outlook, MS SQL server, Visual Studio..etc..& totally depending on online communities instead of paid support (neither for closed nor for open source software)..

Isn't that free(as in a free meal)!!?

Mohamed Meshref said...

That's what I am talking about, if everything became free, how would you gain money?

I am not against free software, everything in the world has a free part (just part)

sh@dy said...

Nice that we agreed on that..

Eventually, I just want to point out that OSS is not that free =D..I mean: an OSS developer working @ some firm to customize the SW for it, or working as tech-support, would get (much more) money in return, for sure..As a matter of fact, an OSS developer would cost more than any other one...but taking into consideration that the firm has saved much money (that might have been paid for licensing..etc in case of proprietary software) the over all cost is much reduced..

Got me now!! we were talking the same language here..Thanks for ur concern anyway =)

Mohamed Meshref said...

Yes but not every company on the planet needs customization, if the concept of free software became global, then more than 90% of developers will be jobless


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