Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Am I the only one who's "Nayem 3ala wedano"?? =D

I heard a rumor on the imagine cup semi-finals here in Egypt; which was rocked by FCIH, that it next year imagine cup finals, 2009 will be here in Egypt.. I guess I heard it from the folks from Innovation Hut that Wahby will announce it after the the verdict is announced =D..

Off course most of Helwaneez (including me) forgot their names after we heard the news about rocking the imagine cup.. Today I had a mail from imagine cup concerning voting for next year theme/design..etc.. which had the below link:

As u can c.. u can find a "Pyramid" or 2 here or there scatared around the designs..

seems we're having do much happining in Egypt for the comming years.. Wikimania2008, ImagineCup2009.. hope we will have more..

Anyway.. go check the themes & vote for the one u like.. for me I chose the first one.. it seems very neat & had every thing from wallpapers to t-shirts.. actually I like the t-shirts the most.. & I'll die to get one from the blue ones.. check them..


Ahmed Gaber said...

Bayen Keda ah ya shady
Ana Ahmed Gaber from FCI Suez Canal

actually I'm very excited with the IC09
hope you can compete It will be great event

Shady Mostafa said...

As a matter of fact, it's already announced now, Ahmad.. Yet at that time I wasn't really sure about it :D..

So I was just poking my friends to get feedback.. I had some but on my e-mail not here :D..

Thanks for your comment anyway.. keep in touch..


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