Monday, April 06, 2009

Blogging, status massages, & twitter!!

Since a long time ago (a decade!?); probably since I knew the internet, specially IM, I always liked status massages. It was my way to push away what's on my chest. I didn't really say everything on my mind straight out. Usually I'd say it in a cunning way so that only those who'd (care to) take the time to think about its meaning would get it. That's people who really care.

Yet, not all my friends are on my IM (Google talk, MSN, etc.. ) & not all the people on my IM are really my friends. Also, IM is "instant" :D.. So, probably, you should reply "instantly" when you're prompted, "if" you're around.. That's why I'm usually "appearing" idle/away, all the time on almost every IM client I've ever used.

Later, I was introduced to blogging (running my own site wasn't really my cup of coffee.. It was a way-too high maintenance for me).. Again blogging was (& still is) more of sharing my thoughts; Speaking/Writing it "loud".. But usually I write on my blog with the mindset of "It should be a real big thing to write about.. You should have much to say to write.. It should be like an article or something".. Actually my series of posts under the tag "Quote of the moment" is my compromise between IM & blogging..

The same is for the song lyrics, that I sometimes post on my blog.. It's just away of sharing a piece of my mind.. Usually it's related to my current mode or -on some few times- just something I read about & like to share with my friends (most of these are on my Google Reader shared items now :D).. Actually sometimes I share stuff just to remind myself (& other people implicitly) of it later.. Specially technical stuff..

Now, I'm also using twitter.. It really more like IM status message.. But this time it's not instant.. So you can reply later.. Or not reply at all.. You can allow as much people as you want to follow your status message without being annoyed with lots of in coming messages that you have to reply to..

Another thing I like about twittering that it's starting to be like a public chat room with a lot of my friends (& people who has interests similar to mine) now :D.. Actually it allow people to know what's on my mind.. Even people at work..

Generally, I find all of them a healthy way to get relieved.. Some sort of a psychic therapy :D


Mohamed Meligy said...
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Mohamed Meligy said...

MAN MAN MAN... Here we meet again yet in another thought :).

The "It should be a real big thing " point is why I'm no frequent blogger anymore, especially that the good old days of many events a year are just gone.

Similar on the IM side, with "Busy" instead of away/idle in my case :D.

The public chat nature of TWITTER is like a life saver o a lonely guy like me in the new city (to me) Abu Dhabi while missing all the good guys from Egypt, and recently turned to be an easy way to keep up to speed with some of the ALT.NET and MS guys.

BTW, I wanted to write similar note in my blog, but, since I already had a small post about Twitter and I thought another one won't be big enough; those were main reasons I did not :D

Shady Mostafa said...

lol.. I really missed ya Meligy..

I used to be always online on the old times.. & had hours & hours talking to my friends but it ate all of my time..

"Busy" is not always "rade3a" enough.. You can't imagine how much it's affected the number of "hi-bye" conversations for me.. Now people usually don't talk to me unless it's really urgent.. (both ways).. I sometimes I get back to "available" or "busy".. but unfortunately I rarely can afford to do that now :(..

I like the "keeping up" part a lot.. But, actually I'm suffering case of time mismanagement lately.. so reading (for eg my feeds on gReadr) is a hard task for me now.. so twitter is a working fine for me with people who mini-blog technically..

btw fe kaza 7ad basesly fel post dah.. Fady Anwar had a similar comment on twitter:

Anyway point to my post ba2a we 5alas :P l blog blogoko ya3ny :D

Mohamed Meligy said...
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Mohamed Meligy said...

That's actually great. It means that you "speak for the people" ;).

PS. Tell me when the next election will be, as I will give you my humble vote :).

Shady Mostafa said...

loooooool.. hssssh wa6y so6ak.. hatwadene fe dahya :D..


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