Monday, May 17, 2010

Something the Lord Made

Just watched a movie with that name today. The movie was really inspiring, probably the life of Dr Vivien T. Thomas was too. The movie based on his life (probably though his autobiography, published after his death) & his complex relationship with his fellow/teacher Alfred Blalock.

Dr. Thomas life is a great example of how can one live in such miserable conditions & yet achieve great things in life. Though he didn't get enough appreciation until later in his life, Thomas (who had no more than high-school education, even before the civil rights movement; ie he was treated as a "colored person") was able to along with Alfred a cure for Blue baby syndrome through a major heart procedure at a time when the such "insane" procedures weren't the norm.

This is a MUST-watch movie..


Anonymous said...

Why does your blog have a firefix ad ? asking me to upgrade from IE?

Shady M. Najib said...

Just promoting Firefox coz I hate IE (& Chrome) :D

Anonymous said...

You have been tagged, check it out


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