Sunday, July 04, 2010

FCIH Initiative

Don't wait the chance, Create it
Thinking about your future? Worried about your career?
Thinking that you're far away from real market life and limited by your academic life?
All are talking about financial crises? Need a solution?
Want to be professional but don't know where to start?
Interested to know how do people work and deliver their projects?
Need to gain experience in market? Need to know about Egyptian IT market?
So FCIH Initiative is now here for you
Our goal is you, preparing for you, planning for you.
This summer, we'll be together to make your dreams come true.
To bridge your academic study and your career
To make you start the right planning for your career from now
Join us and enjoy:
Trainings – Research – business experience – technical knowledge – English Club - and more….

FCIH initiative program will start on 17-7, so don't miss the chance.
We're planning to provide:
·        Technical sessions
·        Training program in 3 tracks (java, .net, and PHP)
·        Sessions talking about market, and adding to your personal skills.
·        Program for those who are interested in research.
·        Soft skills program.
·        English club.
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