Monday, October 25, 2010

About #ArabNetMe, #EgyITevent and similar stuff!

Was there pretty late (around 1.25hrs late), traffic was awful

I met a lot of people @NohaMahmoud @MGhoz @maha_ashour @Salma_ts2al @AhmedMoneim @RamyMahrous @MostafaNageeb @mostafasiraj

I suffered a bad headache so if I wasn't that nice, please pardon me

I came across many people who seemed (twitter familiar) but due to my grumpy attitude, I was too shy to ask them if they were who I thought they were (@3GFalcon, @a_monem).

Saw @AhmedYahia face-to-face for the first time but again I was too lame.

Had a brief discussion with @AhmedMoneim about (what they decided to "hashtag" as) #EgyITevent, (aka Limousine Gatherings)

Saw @remon_z for a sec before he disappeared!

Was planning on travelling but had to stay for urgent stuff at work that just came up, a couple of min before I leave!

As usual (saw it twice till now) @ZiadAly embarrassed himself by asking the audience to raise their hands if they used or knew about his latest startup but a pretty small number of people raised their hands.

Someone was sarcastically talking about the analogy between @kanaafa (Irish I think?) being an investor here in Egypt & a typical Egyptian going to invest in an even less developed country than Egypt (if that is ever possible!). Though, I find what he did pretty brilliant, the note was quite funny on the spot, though!

The typical idea in my head of a digital media marketer (like .digitalrepublic CEO?) is quite the "showy" extrovert type of people. On the extremely unexpected side, Karim? was pretty introvert not talking or even giving context to data he was showing us (on a discussion panel!). Yet the data was pretty useful, but needed much accompanied talk, insights before and after. They could have become something like @HansRosling talks if done well.

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