Saturday, March 05, 2011

TEDx, El Sawy Culture Wheel, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Open Brands, etc

I was having a chat with a friend, who is an enthusiast about community work, about that same topic (more specifically in Suez, my hometown) last week. Our conversation drove me to think about an idea that should have been done a little while ago (IMHO).

We all like the cultural "presence" of "organizations" like El Sawy Culture Wheel, and Bibliotheca Alexandrina. But unfortunately their effect is pretty local to where they exist. Another thing, similar organizations are too limited in resources, to reach out of their physical locations. They might try to expand vertically; creating more services, and enhancing them. But they almost never try to "branch out" in other places.

My idea for them is to spread their spirit/culture, share their experience with others who are willing to create similar experiences for their local communities, in a way similar to TEDx. Imagine if every city/governorate had their own Culture Wheel, which operate the same way, with the same spirit, but totally independent (financially for eg) on El Sawy's. Imagine instead of the usual bureaucratic "cultural palaces" (قصور الثقافة) there's a real cultural experience where people from all ages (specially youth) can find a decent place to mingle with like-minded people talking and sharing ideas, etc.

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