Thursday, January 25, 2007

Google beyel3abo bedelhom

Mesh mela7zen n kol Google services maba2ash feha ads (e3lanat ya3ny) ya3ny wala gmail wala google search wala ay 7aga 5ales...7at garab benafsak...we l far ebtada yel3ab fe 3ebe (conspiracy theory) ..mahom aked mesh beye3melo l 7agat de kolaha babalash 3ashan sawad 3eyona mathalan....l awel kan fe moqabel: l e3lanat...delwa2ty mafesh e3lanat....yeb2a eah ba2a...ana mafesh 7aga mo3ayana fe dema3'y...bas fe3lan 7aga te2ala2....RABena yostor...


Mohammad Nabil said...

I haven't tried to see whether there are ads or not, anyway I've read this one about google conspiracy, read it:

sh@dy said...

Btw, they are back...but only on Gmail & Google groups


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