Saturday, January 06, 2007

Terrance Eats Knowledge

This animation is pretty old (2003) yet I love it sooo much....I even have it on my PC & play it every now & then since I've seen it long long ago...I really like the rhythm...though the story has no moral at all...It's a story/song about little Terrance who is really a good student...& how studying is mother of all evil, I've added the lyrics too...So enjoy it!! Terrence was a normal boy, just like me or you. Except he had a secret about what he liked to do. When we get down for breakfast to sit and have our porridge, Terrence would just walk around and eat some people's knowledge. He'd listen to you talking about your Gran's hair, And if it sounded interesting he'd pluck it from the air. "Your ten years old," announced his mum, "and cleverer than most, Sit with us and you can have this present from us both." "A gift, a gift!" Terrence cried, his eyes alight in awe. He pulled the shiny paper back and gasped at what he saw. "It's a book of facts for you to digest night and day." Terrence didn't hesitate, he started straight away. He chomped his way from A-Z but wasn't quite prepared, For as he got to quantam science he got a little scared. Terrence he was getting full, he knew he should slow down, His mother looked on anxiously, his dad began to frown. Einstein, Newton, Algebra, Terrence was now loaded. His heart was cursed he knew so much he finally exploded. The moral of this story for all you girls and boys, Who prefer to study Sheaksphere instead of playing with your toys, Is to save it for the classroom to cram facts in your head. Or you'll end up like Terrence is, A clever kid but dead.

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wooow..that was really nice ..
btw u have a really nice and special blog keep it up :D


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