Friday, May 04, 2007

5 reasons to use IM rather than face-to-face conversation

1. You can always do other stuff (read, or even play a game) while talking to ppl (without being distracted) 2. You can even talk to more than one person @ a time on different topics & may be even with different attitude!! 3. You can totally leave ppl you are talking to & come back latter without they feel offended 4. You can always convince other ppl that you are in a totally different mood (use emoticons, act, etc...) other than the one you are 5. You can always use much more time (than in a regular conversation) to think or make up a reply without being caught (you can always say u were away or busy talking to somebody else)


Anonymous said...

loool...coool Shady :D really cool there are other reasons too btw like if ppl feel bored or sthing and aren't close friends to you its harder to react face to face 3ashan el zoo2 enama fel IM they can go offline pretending the net got DC or someone pulled the plug ...keda ya3ny :D (I don't do this bas it happens) still more reasons exist ...I'll wait to hear from others ;)

sh@dy said...

lol...keda ana ebtadet 2a2ala2...5asatan ma3a kol l DC l beye7salak :D...we ba3den kedakaman l nas hateb2ede te2ala2 mene..3ashan ana kaman l net mesh tabe3e ba2e yumin we 3amal DC kol showaya :D...hatla3e 3alaia esha3at :D


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