Friday, June 01, 2007

Google Maps Street View :'(

Now we are in Google maps...street view...we are on the 5th ave let's have a closer look at this Grocer's ....can you what is writen on the red oval You can't too...ok let's have a closer look's "Peter's"!! now let's have look around the corner!! now I'm still looking @ the grocer's but I've walked a bit forward to the I'm still in the 5th ave...but on it's crossing with Garfield Pl...Got Bored of 5th ave...ok...let's check Garfield Pl...'s a bit narrower....oh & here is the grocer's it's on the corner between both streets...a real good location for a grocer's :D... We 7asbeya ALLAH wa ne3ma l wakel fe Google :D....3o2bal keda maye3meloha fe masr...hateb2a fede7a....we ya 3ene law kont fel share3 we homa beysawarao


Anonymous said...

really nice post Shady ...yeah 3o2bal maye3melooha fe Masr bas yekhtarro 7etta mel 7ettat el 2olayyela elly "nedeefa"geddan 3aks kol el amaken el tanya elly "andaf" :D:D

sh@dy said...

lol...yuppy dah l ana 5ayef meno ( l 7etat l andaf de :D )


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