Sunday, June 17, 2007

PreSammy :D

Yesterday, the night before Algorithms finals (Dr Sammy's), I was too bored to study so I check to see my friends on Google talk...& to my surprise I wasn't alone are some of the messages I found:
  • "Mesh fahmaaaaaaaa"
  • "MAD SHOW..."
  • "Why is everything so confusing? Maybe I'm just out of my mind........... Yeahe yeahe yeah!..yeahe yeah, yeahe, YYYEEEAAAHHH!!......................... I wish I could believe in something new Oh please somebody tell me it's not true"
  • "Maba2etesh bafham 7'alaaaaaaas :'( :'("
  • "bayza bayza :''''((((("
  • "TOOOOOOOO BUSY!!! - plan of all times: "3ok we RABak yefok" :D"
  • "ya mosahheel........woooow nice premaster msgs b4 Moustafa Sami :D :D"
Also 3rd graders where busy with their Matlab project & here are their messages:
  • "Fy 2ala2 fy 2el 2awda3 2el 7alya"
  • "Matlab 3ashlab"
  • "Matlab project...Rabena Yostor"
  • "busy."
Not to mention that all of them where "mowala3 l lamba l 7amra" (their status is busy) like Shaimaa says :D


Anonymous said...

loooooooooooooool :D :D

btw bored mesh board
Anytime :D

sh@dy said...

feen de...mahy bored aheh...rakeze kowayes wala shofe eah a5bar l nadara :P...3alam 3áreba ya gada3 ;)


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