Saturday, December 22, 2007

2 Projects I like

I just wanna let you (if you don't) try those projects...Anyway here they are: 1st: TayaIT ( which is a search engine created by Taya ( a company dedicated to Arabic search, Arabic NLP, etc which is really great area to target with too few real competitors (most of the companies investing in these area are very small ones, or not really investing enough as far as I know).. 2nd: Yamli ( I'm not sure it's made by whom & that's a really strange thing from such a project..There's no much info about the teams who did it..Anyway, the project simply is a way to use the "3agalizy language" we -Arab youth- write to generate regular Arabic..Note here that this is not a translation it's more of a transcription... With a seamless performance, yet it's still in its beta version..The idea itself is not new (specially to me) as a friend was already working on it..but really what they did is BIG.. The problem here that you don't get it, if it will be an open source project or just another online service. Wonder if it's an OS project, imagine the number of applications that it might be integrated in.. Even if it's service can we have some APIs to use it..And last but not least, the eternal question "who made it?" :D coz it's not obvious @ all who did :D..


Ahmed Essawy said...

ya , shady ana 23rf al site al tany ..bas ana 2sasn mosh b7b al franko kteer ...
2zon wad7 :D:D:D , l2 begad ana bktb beha mdtar bas :( .

Mohammad Nabil Al-Aggan said...

sob7an Allah, the same two sites have attracted my attention both in the same day, i was so excited about them too :D

Anonymous said...

You had to say the second one :P

I won't be able to trick others anymore into thinking I'm fast @ typing in Arabic Language :D


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