Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cairo like you never saw it before!!

Last Saturday, I was attending the JDC .. I was much distracted on the day, generally, & I didn't benefit much. Anyway, during the "Java & .NET interoperability" session presented by Pooya Darugar, he showed popfly I don't know why really :D.. While he was showing it, he created a sample "Mashup" on the fly.. It was a simple app that gets pix from flickr given a tag & displays them in a cool way.. Trying to be friendly, he chose "Cairo" for the tag.. As I told u earlier, I was much distracted (& had a bit of a headache too).. so between the ghosts I was seeing @ that moment I saw a couple of amazing pix from flickr.. They are really amazing.. The author was someone called KoRaYeM.. I checked them today (a couple of minutes ago) .. This guy KoRaYeM is ... I can't find the word actually.. just check his pix.. here's his profile on flickr... .. & to my astonishment he has just started photography since last August!!! according to this .. The pix I saw on JDC are those: This last one was even available in Diwan Bookstore according to this & The first one is on my PC background right now :D.. The guy has a blog too:


Korayem said...

AA brother, Fady Anwar just dropped me a comment and, boy oh boy, was I humbled in my seat reading your post.

Brother, I am much smaller than dedicating a whole blog post on my work. I am really glad that my work appealed to you to that extent.

It's true, I started taking photography seriously by buying a DSLR and reading and getting further into photography. Flickr was what pushed me towards this hobby. There are geniuses there begad, and I just wanted to try it for myself.

In the end, I remind myself that "wa ma tawfeeky ella men 3and allah" (my success is only by Allah, no one else)....

May be we can meet in dotnet's 3rd gathering on 22 march 2008 inshallah...

I repeat my thanx ya fandem again. I just subscribed to your RSS feed, you have some nifty stuff, keep em coming....

Fady Anwar said...

great, now we have a profissional photographer in our next gathering :D
side note for korayem: u promised u will teach me photography :D
general side note: that what i call community ;)


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