Wednesday, March 12, 2008

NIN : Ghosts I-IV

NIN (Nine Inch Nails) new album was released lately.. I guess at the first days of this month.. The Album name is Ghosts I-IV, simply coz it's divided into 4 parts (Ghosts).. Yet I don't know why "Ghosts" not parts or anything else.. The album has 5 editions.. With one of them costing $300 !! It Sold out anyway :D (2500 copies!!) Ye, one of editions can be downloaded for free, in return for your e-mail (for me it's already with them so I didn't give them much, actually I knew about it through their newsletter on that very e-mail anyway).. The free edition has Ghosts I which is the first 9 tracks (MP3 format, really hi-quality ones) + A 40-pages PDF file (with 40 magnificent images) + extras (wallpapers from the 40-pages PDF, for both regular & wide screens, & some web graphics including NIN logo -which I like a lot- & other graphics including the one in this post).. I kept the tracks playing all day today & I really liked them all.. Actually I'm thinking about buying the $5 edition.. You can check album & download the free edition (& any other edition if u got the money :D, coz the other editions won't be shipped soon) ate the album site: You can read more on Wikipedia:


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