Friday, August 22, 2008

PhotoSynth is launched!!

I don't know if you know Blaise Aguera y Arcas, or not.. If you're Egyptian (& some how related to software industry), probably you knew him on the "Express around the clock", an event which was held by Microsoft-Egypt to introduce SilverLight to the designers community here in Egypt.. At that time I did know Blaise already, through his involvement in the PhotoSynth project, as I saw his TED talk about the project.. So I was wondering what should he be doing on that event.. It had nothing to do with his area of interest (actually he was wondering the same on the event).. Anyway, a lot of the computer science/software developers guys on the event (mostly the event was for designer so not so much of these were present) got in circles around the guy :D (including me).. One of the things he said was they might be planing to allow common people to do their own photosynth "thing" on their own, on some point in the future.. Sorry I can't find a technical word for that thing coz I can't remember :D.. Simply what he meant was to use a set of one's photos to create a model like those they presented.. I've just learnt from Magdy that they finally did it.. I've just saw the site & I'm downloading the "photosynth-client" right now while writing the post.. So I thought I'd post this first & may be I'd add more to it when I'm done with playing with it (here or in the comments).. [I've added the Synth above, that's my team room @ work] oh & here's another article about the thing (from Magdy again :D)..

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