Wednesday, October 01, 2008

SMS Tip!!!

This has nothing to do with development.. It is just an stupid/funny incident I had today :D.. Yesterday I've bought a 50 EGPs card to recharge my cellular. Today (Happy Mushroom day :P) The first thing I did today was recharging my cellular credit & selecting a couple of nice messages to forward to my friends.. Off course I didn't send them to my contacts one by one.. I had like 150 contacts.. but for sure I didn't send them all.. I sent msgs to around 100+.. I had calculated how that would cost me, yesterday.. it's something like 20-25 EGPs by far, that's why I bought 50 EGPs coz I was intending to call a friend who's now abroad(3amoor).. Unfortunately (3ashan 7azy l na7s 6ab3an) he didn't reply & was diverted to voice mail.. Which deducted around (lebest :'( ) 5 EGPs from my credit.. & I wasn't even able to leave him a voice message coz the operator/automated-reply told me I just can't!!! After a recalling they guy for like 6-7 times to no avail, I started to forward the SMSs to my friends/relatives/family members.. Starting a flow of delivery reports & SMS-replies back from them.. After awhile I tried to call the guy once more.. I was told that I don't have enough credit!! Remember according to my calculations I had @ that time roughly (50-5-25=) 20 EGPs which more than enough to call him.. So I inquired my credit balance (costs 0.2 EGP) & was told I don't have enough credit to even inquire about my balance!!!!!!!! Until then I was pretty sure that probably they had a problem in the system (you know it's a high season) & probably if I waited everything will be just OK.. A couple of hours ago I rechecked & nothing new happened I still can't afford 0.2 EGP to inquire about my credit!! My brother suggested that I should call the customer service (wa abastefhom) & probably they will handle the issue.. I had to recharge anyway (it costs 1.5EGP/min to call them!!) so I decided to recharge when I'm back home & call them.. Just when it all got clear suddenly!!! :D .. (nezel 3alia l wa7l.. ana 6ele3t mas6ol) one of the messages I chose was too long (actually it was 3 SMS) but I was too busy taking care of which message to send to who & just forgot to check that specially that since I had that new handset I wasn't bothered with similar problems (it just happen in the background I'm not aware of it like the old handset which was pretty clear, but less readable :D).. So that should have cost me like 60-75 EGPs.. which I didn't pay simply coz I deleted the pending msgs & didn't resend any SMS thru the day (& I'm not intending to, for sometime :D).. Moral of the story:
"Be careful when you're broadcasting SMSs, specially when u can't afford errors (which means money)"


Fady Anwar said...

كل المقاله الطويله العريضه دي
عشان خمسين جنيه؟
و ايه
هنيت بيهم طوب الأرض
و كمان زعلان
دنت طلعت بخيل اوي يا أخي

Mohamed Meligy said...
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Mohamed Meligy said...

By the way ya Shady, same as I liked your shared items. Clearly we have common interests other than technical stuff. isA Raya will allow us to discover this, and this just makes me so glad.

Shady Mostafa said...

@ Fady: maaaaaaaaashy.. lama ashofak bas.. we ba3den ma3reftesh ahany nos my contact list, btw..

@ Meligy: You can't imagine how much I'm glad to here that.. Looking forward to chatting about it more, later.. Thanks for letting me know..

Ahmed M. Farrag said...

now you get to tell everybody that you sent them Eih wishes but they we're not delivered due to this glitch, haaa?

Shady Mostafa said...

Yup.. you may say that is a byproduct of the post in someway :P.. 3andak mane3? :D

Anonymous said...

If you are a Vodafone customer, you can call customer support on 02-25292888 from any phone =)

Shady Mostafa said...

eah ya sabbour.. howa ana mesh Voda.. bas I guess mobinil leahom nafs l nezam.. bas aslan keda a7san eno ana l fehemt lewa7de.. ana law kont kalemtohom we homa l alole kan zamany ramet nafse men l shebak men l kosof :D..

Thanx anyway :D


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