Saturday, October 18, 2008

Testing flock (the browser)

Flock is some sort of a fork (or may be it's based on, I'm not sure) Mozilla Firefox.. but it's mainly it's more focused on social networking & web 2.0.. This includes blogging as u can see.. adding a pic: Flock invaders by capitrueno. adding a Video from the browser's cool Media stream (that includes searching, plus ur regular stream from ur networks for eg Flicker, youtube, facebook, etc...) if you know cooliris it's pretty similar to it.. but it's inside the browser not the full screen.. I'm not sure if that can replace firefox for me.. but I'll try to flip it around for the coming couple of days.. specially that I read it had a lot of criticism concerning performance.. but till now it's working smoothly.. I didn't abuse it yet :D.. so I can't tell.. oh I've just saved the above post as a draft then re opened it.. let's see how that works here :D.. oh before publishing.. I've just checked a cool feature while checking publishing settings.. you can replace an older post from the browser..
Blogged with the Flock Browser

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