Friday, November 14, 2008

For whom the bell tolls (ma3a l e3tezar lel o3'

This is a small incidence that happened to me on my way to taking my 70-547 (MCP) exam.. It has been a while since I last had an exam so I was a bit nervous (not in the careless mood I was used to put myself in before exams, in the good old days :D).. The incidence really make me relaived & was like a "sign from Heaven" to me :D..

The story below is actually an edited version of a gTalk conversation with a friend (I deleted their part of the conversation & edited some parts to be more readable without their replies).. here u go:
  • I registered for the exam online
  • So I didn't know where the "...." is the place I'm gonna take the test till I was there..
  • While I was on my way, I started to feel lost
  • Then I called them on the phone & told them my place (howa share3 6awel keda esmo l ba6al a7mad but I don't know the place exactly)
  • The guy (on the phone) told me that I have to go back & look for some store (segad l asyo6y) on the way & that they (YAT) are exactly on the opposite side in some sort of a villa.
  • I did start walking back then I ran into an old guy who asked me to help him cross the street :D
  • I did help him to cross the first direction (share3 raye7 gy ba2a)
  • But the middle "teletwar" had some sort of a fenced green area
  • Which he couldn't jump over (@ that age)
  • So we walked "me2angejen" till we found an opening in the fence so he can cross to the other side
  • Then we crossed the street to the other side
  • Guess what?
  • :D
  • I found YAT right in front of me
  • Exactly in front of the fence opening :D
  • L ragel kan 3amal yeshkorne em7asesny eno 3amalt 7aga gamda awe.. ma3a ene aslan 3amal agary we howa mesh mesta7mel..
  • Actually ana kan na2es ashelo wagry beh 3ashan kont metsarba3 awe we howa kan mesh beyqawem kan beyegry ma3aya :D
  • we 3amal yeshkorne awe.. omt oltelo ana l shokran ya 7ag.. enta l wasaltene :D
  • You can never imagine how that made my mood :D
  • kan na2es asma3 bells ringing & a "TADAAAAAAAA"
  • :D


.:: Code Guru™ ::. said...

Sometime Life has a strange way telling you "look under your feet, I'm right here"

Enough wisdom :D

Noha Mahmoud said...

yaaah ya shady...f3lan 7aga gameela awey...elly bysa3ed l nas akeed akeed rbna 7yb3atlo 7ad yesa3do fe wa2t howa m7tag l mosa3da...E3mel l 7'ier we matestanash shokr walla 3erfan. By the way listen to Reem Banna, a very good Palestinian singer with a beautiful voice & fine words, i like ' مالك, فارس العودة, راس الجبل, الحلم '. Enjoy!

Shady Mostafa said...

lol.. mesh 3aref btw ezay :P.. bas I like her..

She reminds me of Yuri Mera2ady in his early days, (I used to like him then) when he used to sing in pure Arabic "fos7a" :D..

I've just listened to "Fares.."..

Shady Mostafa said...

oh & I didn't find 7elm on YouTube :D


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