Friday, November 14, 2008

Why less blogging?

I've not been blogging for a while (I'm not a heavy-blogger, anyway, if there's a word like that)..

Generally, most of my posts are about sharing others' stuff (blog-posts, web-pages, etc) so I started to "blog" using two other things, rather than rewriting others' words:

  • Google Reader (shares):
Lately, I've been using that heavily.. & even started to share it on facebook (thanks to Meligy).. the shared items are compiled by google reader in some sort of another blog. Here's the url . I'm not sure if it's readable by everybody (or just by my gtalk list). If you want but can't, please notify me :)
  •  Twitter:
This is not really blogging.. but it's rather an alternative for my "Quote of the Moment" (blog-post &) gadget in my side bar that I haven't updated for so long.. This one's url is
 There's other stuff like wishlstr & facebook shared items (I share some of these on gReader too) but I don't update them that much.. & fortunately all the above stuff has feed (I LOVE feeds)..

So I think your aspirin consumption will be less now :D..

Have a nice day

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