Friday, April 17, 2009

Updated: Twitter Common Friends

Earlier I've posted (read it here or here) about the a tiny application that gets two twitter users common friends. I wanted since then to put it online someway without hosting it.. It's not worth the headache. So, today, I've found a couple of twitter blocks on popfly & used them to re-write the application (yes, I've written a couple of little tiny lines of code.. but I'm not even sure what language was that, probably js, lol) Now it is more accessible for me & faster than the desktop version.. Also it has more data about the common friends (including a link to their twitter profile) Here's the embedded version I've shared on popfly, you can also access it here:
UPDATE 20090608: Recently, after the above mash-up crashed (coz the block I'm using to consume twitter crashed) @Koraem tweeted about this app, which is more advanced than my mash-up.. Here it's & it seems like they are intending to add more features later :)

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