Friday, August 20, 2010

Quote of the Moment

Such controversial feelings (of hope & despair, pride & disappointment) when people think of you better, yet you know they probably shouldn't!!


Yassminaz said...

So, you just need to do your best to be that person that they see ...

Shady M. Najib said...

LOL, enty konty mestaneyany a-post it wala eah :D

I guess I should :)

Stoic said...

I think you should also make an effort towards knowing yourself and accepting who you really are. Don't let people define your life.

Shady M. Najib said...

@Sotic: it's not about others defining my life.. it's more about doubting my abilities, whether I'm really that close to being better (by my standards/hopes/dreams :) not only what others see in me)

It's just that people think I'm closer to fulfilling my dreams than I think I really am..

Thanks for your advice and time anyway.. I really appreciate it :)


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