Saturday, March 03, 2007

I've been tagged :)

It seems after all that I've been tagged :D by Shereef (who was tagged by Romio) to write five things you don't know about me, We bey2ole tala3 l mesta5abe :D. So here we go:
  1. I love anime (animation & graphics)
  2. I love reading "A7mad 5aled Tawfeq"
  3. I've been determined to join FCI since I was in 1st year, secondary stage
  4. I'm the first on to join math section in my family (all my cousins joined faculty of Pharmacy, Medicine, Science)...again I was determined to join math section since 2nd year preparatory :)
  5. I'm not a Cairo resident, I live in Suez :) (a lot of ppl don't know that, as if it's a secret)
Now for the good part :D...tagging I'll tag (if they read this entry, in the first place :D):
  1. A7mad 3mr
  2. Ibrahim
  3. Osama (lama yerga3o mel gesh :D )
  4. Nagwa Baz
  5. Mona Ma7ros
  6. Noha Mahmoud
  7. Eman Ahmed
  8. Islam l Shayet
  9. Omar Al-Hassanin
  10. & last but not least Shaimaa Tarek
we kefaya keda ladereb :D

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