Thursday, March 01, 2007

Raya Kick-Off Meeting

Today, I've attended Raya Kick Off Meeting...It was a great day (thought I had to wear a suit :'( , & go back to work[@makram 3ebed st.] after attending the meeting @ Mövenpick [@ 6th of October] :'( ) Anyway, guess what :D...I met Dr Hajaj there, & He the first one to become one of RAC (Raya Achievers Club, I'll explain shortly) members for this year for his achievements @ Raya-Integration, in the sales team, & he told me that "weshy 7elw 3aleh" :D... What's RAC, RAC is a Honor list, prepared by Raya each year, according to some criteria (I'm not yet what are they). The list is not ordered in anyway, so every rayan [ Raya employee :D] who fulfill these criteria is automatically a member of the club :D...for examples this year's RAC had more than 100 members. So, what is good aout joining RAC...RAC members every year, go to different places every year, (these places are announced @ the previous kick-off meeting) for eg this year RAC will go to Brazil, next year RAC (RAC2007) will go to Tunisia,, Dr. Hajaj will be to Brazil soon :D..."men 3'er na2a ya3ny" :D... Btw, for the first time, now, I'm sure that Raya was going to be a partner in Etesalat (the third upcoming cellular network in Egypt), & actually Raya is still a partner, but it sold half its share to Vodafone (almost for 104 millions :D). Also, unfortunately, I knew that the biggest subsidiary of Raya, is Raya-Distribution (Number of employees, Income), so we (Raya-Software) were minority :D...actually, when they started calling RAC memebers from Distribution (they called their names at the ned cause they were tooooo much) every name called was accompanied by whistling & wowing more any other if it was a match :D...actually they have departments more than all the number of all other subsidiaries... I guess that Dr. Mo7amed Sale7 (the head of Scientific Computing Centre, the one infront of our faculty) was also there, & is a part of RAC, probably he's in Raya-Telecom....

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Mohammad Nabil said...

Vodafone is partner in Etesalat :D that's interesting !!


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