Wednesday, March 18, 2009

5 min writing practice

Why I'm writing. Coz I saw a blog called that said that doing a similar practice just for the sake of it might help you to find creative ideas to continually find something to write about :D.. Do I believe it? Actually not really but I'm really happy to write these words now.. I'm listening to music now. The last song was for Avril "why should I care", now it's "last resort" for Papa roach. I was walking around the place singing with Avril loudly enjoying it while thinking about starting to write that. My bro is now on my bed surfing the net. My lovely laptop (the one I'm writing this note on, now); Saphira -yes I call her so, after Saphira from Eragon- is suffering an awful break down.. The LCD light turns off even when I'm using Saphira :'(.. I've just got a nice idea.. Why don't I write this way on my diary? That's a great way to talk out loud without any directing, bias or much pre-thinking. I find this habit (of free writing) very time consuming & enjoyable/addictive.. Next time I'll try to have some sort of a stop watch like the blog post I read said.. But I really enjoyed writing the above.. Phew!! :D

NB: I wrote the above paragraph around a month ago, & I really enjoyed it.. I had to edit & delete some personal stuff from it, though.. It feels like some sort of therapy.. Yet I haven't redone it since then :'(.. Oh & I've a new "Saphira" now.. So don't feel sorry for me!! :D Though I'm looking for a new name for her if you want to help!!


Noha Mahmoud said...

Hi shady
Excellent that you've discovered this "therapy & enjoyable" way about writing; it is working fine for me as i noticed i get more creative at work :D, do u believe that now?!

take care!
Garden fence juggler

Shady Mostafa said...

Yup, I really enjoyed it..Yet, the sad thing is that I don't practice it that much :(

Btw.. Didn't get it!! How does it affect your work? :D Did you change careers, or something "وأنا معرفش"? :P

& what's with the new "Garden fence juggler" signature?


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