Friday, March 13, 2009

Nice Day at FCIH

Yesterday, I went to pay my faculty a visit to get some papers I need at work & give tiny overview session about IEEE. Finally I did any good for my faculty's IEEE student branch this year. I was generally too busy this year that I didn't even went to faculty, not even did anything about my masters.

By chance, some of the gang from class 2008 was at FCIH. & Enjoyed hanging with them for sometime.. Also I loved to do the short session coz it was like a century since I did any presentations, & I really lack these skills :$:$:$.. Also it was my first time to use pptPlex; a powerpoint plugin from officelabs. It's Really cool.. It was really easy to use too.. It really helps to put your audience in the picture & to gather each set of your slides logicly together to manipulate them more freely, instead of rushing across your slides going back & fro.

Here's my slides,

Also, Here's Shaimaa's Slides which I used heavily coz I was told about my session on a very short notice.. "Edabest", literally, but I enjoyed it, anyway :D.

I guess Shaimaa will read this soon, so if she doesn't like it I'll remove her slides links (though I know she won't mind :D)

UPDATE: I've uploaded a set of pix taken by S. Abdul & me :)

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