Wednesday, March 18, 2009

BizTalk workshop

Today (March, 17th) was the last day of a training/workshop I was having at Microsoft for the past 3 days (today included!!). The title was "BizTalk workshop – Black Belt"!! As you may think, I'm not exactly the typical example of the target audience for such a workshop but it really helped me to have some sort of a hack to get prepared faster for my BizTalk certificate I planning for by the end of the quarter.

The workshop covered topics like BAM, BRE, ESB, Performance & Sizing. It was a crash-course; with lots of stuff to be covered in such a small period of time. Yet, it was an eye-openner for me, (I guess it was more than that for the other guys with more BizTalk experience).

Though I was one of the least BizTalk-Experienced attendees, I enjoyed the workshop as I was able to have the opportunity to stick & talk about the topic in more details (from around 10:30-16:00 or later daily) with BizTalk gurus like Ahmed Farrag from MS, other Gurus from Raya-Software like Yousry & Fathy. I ran also into some of the guys from LinkDev (though I missed Mohamed Hussien for eg) & OMS. Yet, I think I would have enjoyed it even more if people like Farsi & Tamer were also there..

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